Capvest Portugal, member of the Capvest Group, is a Portuguese company based in Lisbon, composed of a local team with extensive experience in real estate investments and project management.

Our vision and our ambition

We want to develop the real estate of tomorrow and ambitious projects, through value creation and sustainability, supported by iconic architecture.

Key Figures

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The values of our business

Integrating our values into our business is paramount to our company. We evolve through six guidelines that represent our values and our ambition to shape tomorrow’s urban development in Portugal and abroad.

Creativity and Value Creation

The diversity of experience of our team allows us to develop a global and well-thought-out approach to our projects according to different criteria. This high level of analysis is accompanied by a constant desire to surpass oneself and customer satisfaction, resulting in the creation of value in all projects managed by our team of real estate professionals.

With years of experience in the real estate sector and a multitude of projects completed over time, Capvest acts as a team leader. We have the knowledge and expertise to gather the best internal and external professionals, according to the needs of each project.



Sustainability is at the heart of our values and not just a mere window dressing. This is why we have deployed an expert team in sustainability and take into account the energy efficiency of buildings during the design phase of all our projects.

As an expert in the property sector for many years, Capvest is a trusted partner in project development and asset management. Our different partners can intervene on various subjects: real estate investment and project management, repositioning, leasing or sale of office or commercial properties, sustainable real estate development.

Solid Partnership

Architectural Signature

Each of our real estate projects has a sophisticated and elegant architectural signature. Our signature allows our values to shine through in our buildings. The greening of spaces and the quality of the materials chosen are two key elements in our approach.

We do not hesitate to think outside the box to offer our clients innovative and ambitious solutions, whether it’s for project development or for the investment and management of real estate assets.

Innovative Solutions



We develop quality projects with the help of our team of experts and our extensive experience in the real estate development sector.

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