Nooba: Construction of the molded walls is completed

21 December 2022

We are very pleased to announce the end of another important phase in the construction of the Nooba project: the completion of the molded walls. This work, of great technical complexity, represents an important step in the realization of the first building of the project.

To build the walls, it was necessary to dig to a depth of 15.30 meters to create 60 cm thick reinforced concrete panels, which were cast directly on site. The ground was first excavated to the required thickness and depth, then filled with 371 tons of reinforcement and 3,700 cubic meters of concrete by the 40 men who carry out the construction of Nooba every day.

These panels, built around the future basements of the two buildings "Nooba Horizonte" and "Nooba Jardim", will ensure the watertightness of the 343 meter perimeter of the construction site, so that the construction company can safely dig to the depth necessary to create the parking levels.

The manufacture of the prefabricated concrete foundation piles will begin shortly. These will be driven deep into the ground until they reach the strongest layers, and will serve to support the construction of the foundations and pillars that will support the entire building.

At the end of this work, it will be possible to begin to raise the building structure above ground level and see the actual volume of the first tower of this sublime development: the Horizonte building.