Lisbon tops global ranking of hybrid workplaces for executives

13 June 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, telecommuting is gaining momentum around the world. AirBnB is the first company to allow its employees to 100% work from home! We also notice that many large banks now allow two days of telecommuting per week. This new way of organizing one's life is spreading rapidly among executives.

In a recent article, the Bloomberg website reported on the multiplication of this phenomenon among executives and managers. We can see that these "remote executives" have very strong location preferences, with Lisbon coming out on top ahead of Miami. The sunny climate and low cost of living in the Portuguese capital have led to an influx of residents who can now work from anywhere.  Lisbon offers many advantages such as a fast internet connection, a high quality of life, an efficient air hub, a high level of security on a daily basis, and attractive real estate prices compared to the major capitals.

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